Customized Virtual Gathering - additional services/tiers

Customized Virtual Gathering - additional services/tiers

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We are honored to help gather your community with a personalized virtual event.

For questions: email

Please note: Does not include GatheringUs staff member on site. If you would like someone on site, contact your representative for availability and pricing.

    By placing your order, you agree:

    (1) That your paid deposit is non-refundable; 

    (2) To pay GatheringUs the balance of the Event Fee one week prior to the Event;

    (3) To notify GatheringUs of how many guests you expect at your Event (max. of 300 logins for deluxe. 1000 for comprehensive) at least two (2) days prior to the Event;

    (4) To ensure that there is a phone, tablet, or laptop with an internet connection available at each speaker location during the Event (GatheringUs is not responsible for providing such equipment or onsite staff, and cannot guarantee that your equipment will be free from malfunctions); 

    (5) To provide to GatheringUs staff all shared content and media (i.e. photos & music) 72 hours prior to the Event; and, 

    (6) To notify GatheringUs of any changes to your Event at least two (2) days before those changes should be implemented.

    GatheringUs will make reasonable efforts to accommodate any changes to your Event.  But, please note that any change, including  to the time and date of the Event or any increase in the number of anticipated guests beyond those agreed upon, may: 

    (1) Cause GatheringUs to become unable to facilitate your Event; and/or,

    (2) Result in a need for the provision of additional services and costs. If GatheringUs can accommodate your requested change only by providing additional services, these additional services and any associated costs will be determined prior to implementing such additional services. Additionally, late changes that can be accommodated will typically incur a $500 rush fee.

    Notwithstanding the foregoing, either party, at its sole discretion, may cancel its participation in the Event by providing the other with two (2) days’ prior written notice.  The nonrefundable deposit will not be returnable upon cancellation; the Event Fee will not be returnable if the cancellation occurs within one week of the scheduled Event date.

    GatheringUs cannot be held responsible for technical malfunctions of its own equipment, but will make reasonable efforts to ensure they don’t occur.