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"I was unsure what to expect from a virtual Celebration of Life. What I experienced on Sunday was such an incredible sense of connection and communal celebration of our son. I have had multiple people reach out and express that this was the most affecting and 'connected' experience they had with any memorial." 

- Dani A.

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Memorial Planning

Your dedicated event planner will guide you in creating a custom program that may include speakers, celebrants, clergy, musicians, and singers. We will offer suggestions on how to structure the flow, incorporate  personal elements, cultural and family customs, traditions, and religion.

Event Facilitation

We'll be there to begin the service, guide presenters, play slideshows, videos, music, and facilitate public share of memories and stories. The GatheringUs facilitator will provide instructions on navigating the technology and provide the phone number for the GatheringUs Tech Support Hotline.

Technical Support

You're not alone. We're ready with support for speakers and guests. We make sure all the speakers can log into the event, check their microphone, camera, and lighting to ensure we can hear and see them. We also work with you to connect audiovisual systems at in-person gatherings with the virtual gathering.  

Professional Design

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"My parents want to thank you from the bottom of their hearts - they thought they would have to bury my grandmother alone, but instead felt like we were all there with them."

- Jill F.

How It Works

Virtual and Hybrid (In-Person & Virtual) Events

Funerals, Memorials, Homegoings, Celebrations of Life, Wakes, Graveside Services, Burials

Our diverse team brings a wide range of skills in end-of-life and event planning. Our goal is to help you create an inspiring and personal event that meets your vision.

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What families are saying

I was consistently impressed with the kindness, consideration, attention to detail and ability to adapt to our needs that you and your entire team displayed. It was a relief to be able to organize this without worrying about the technical solutions, even for a techie like me. It was a load off my mind, and I know it wouldn't have been the same without you.

Peter M.

The service was very moving for so many of those who participated or saw the recording at a later date. It was intimate in a way that funeral services aren't. People felt so much a part of the presentations. It allowed family and friends from Europe to California to be there which is not possible in our real world limited by time and cost. I believe it will set a new standard.

David C.

It was exactly what we were hoping for— a meaningful tribute to our mother despite the physical barriers preventing us from being together. We appreciate your smooth coordination and quick turnaround. It enabled us to be present in the moment. We are getting so many messages from our family and friends who felt it was a wonderful service.

Sam M.

It was a beautiful service and tribute to our dad. I thought the next day would be crippling for me given that it would be our first Father's Day without him, but having the mass and having it well done helped a lot. My heart felt lighter and at peace. We can't thank you all enough. 

Mary R.

It was so incredibly helpful and healing. Especially for the number of attendees, it was so smooth and allowed us to really focus on what the purpose of the gathering was, rather than the technical details. I want to genuinely thank you for your warm, capable, and attentive support so we could honor (our son) so fully and all together.

Dani A.

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“What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?” - George Elliott 

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my journey through grief

Noha Waibsnaider, Founder & CEO, GatheringUs

Being a part of a large family means many celebrations over the years. But, in the last decade, our family was faced with several deaths. It was a deeply challenging time—grief comes at you fast and stays for awhile. It was the support of our friends and family that carried us through those difficult days. The people who showed up, helped us accept our new normal, and gave us the strength to process the grief and to begin to heal. We realized that so many people wanted to help—but didn’t know what to say, what to do, or how to help from afar.

I founded GatheringUs in 2018 to help people receive the support they need and to celebrate their loved ones. At GatheringUs, we create virtual funerals and gatherings, and provide free tools for you to share memories, fundraise to help with funeral expenses, and donate to charity to honor your loved one.