GatheringUs Reviews


I was unsure what to expect from a virtual Celebration of Life. What I experienced on Sunday was such an incredible sense of connection and communal celebration of our son. I have had multiple people reach out and express that this was the most affecting and 'connected' experience they had with any memorial.

- Dani A.

I was consistently impressed with the kindness, consideration, attention to detail and ability to adapt to our needs that you and your entire team displayed. It was a relief to be able to organize this without worrying about the technical solutions, even for a techie like me. It was a load off my mind, and I know it wouldn't have been the same without you.

- Peter M.

The service was very moving for so many of those who participated or saw the recording at a later date. It was intimate in a way that funeral services aren't. People felt so much a part of the presentations. It allowed family and friends from Europe to California to be there which is not possible in our real world limited by time and cost. I believe it will set a new standard.

- David C.

It was exactly what we were hoping for - a meaningful tribute to our mother despite the physical barriers preventing us from being together. We appreciate your smooth coordination and quick turnaround. It enabled us to be present in the moment. We are getting so many messages from our family and friends who felt it was a wonderful service.

- Sam M.

Your technical team, and its leader, and behind the scenes (tech), did a superb - no - outstanding job today which shows the results of them working closely with me and my moderator to make sure that things went perfectly and they did. She also was very patient with me and my son when we were giving her contradictory signals. She's a keeper.

- John H.

While grieving the loss of my beloved wife, I was overwhelmed with the many things that needed to be done. I didn't know much about how to organize a real funeral and I had absolutely no idea about a virtual memorial. The feedback I heard is great. You and your team have done an excellent job for our virtual memorial. You're all very professional and caring.

- Keith K.

It was a beautiful service and tribute to our dad. We can't thank you all enough. I had tears again watching the video again, but good tears. I thought the next day would be crippling for me given that it would be our first Father's Day without him, but having the mass and having it well done helped a lot. My heart felt lighter and at peace.

- Mary R.

It was so incredibly helpful and healing. Especially for the number of attendees, it was so smooth and allowed us to really focus on what the purpose of the gathering was, rather than the technical details. I want to genuinely thank you for your warm, capable, and attentive support so we could honor (our son) so fully and all together.

- Dani A.

I have heard only positive feedback from everyone. You are amazing and should be proud of what you're doing. The amount of stress you help take off us is astonishing and you do it in a patient, kind, friendly way.

- Alis H.

We were really grateful to have a service such as GatheringUs to create a meaningful event to honor my mother-in-law. We truly wouldn't have been able to pull it off without you!

- Marlene N.

Thank you all for making Gathering Us a great success for our family to honor our father but also for allowing us to have a place to work through memories that provided a sort of healing effect for us all through conversations that we are continuing.

- Lisa D.

You all rocked it yesterday and I'm eternally grateful that I chose you to do such a heartfelt and amazing job!

- Kris H.

I want to thank GatheringUs, who did a fantastic job allowing the immediate family to participate and not worry about the details. I recommend! With Covid, everything sucks. But they made it a lot better.

- Leslie D.

My friends and family all commented on how lovely and meaningful the memorial was. Zoom is not always the easiest platform but you guided us through it. Thanks to your facilitation and technical support, the event went smoothly and seamlessly.

- Beverly S.

It did turn out exactly as we had imagined and the sentiment from attendees has been nothing but absolute awe of the quality of production and of what a beautiful tribute it was to him. I want to thank you for working through all of the stumbles along the way with us in such a professional and patient manner. You are really good at what you do, and your genuine sincerity was felt throughout the process.

- Elizabeth D.

Thank you so much for everything. This was difficult for us and you made it a really positive experience.

- Jim P.

Thank you for making an emotionally difficult experience one of great joy and celebration. You brought a family and community together in a way I could not have imagined could be possible virtually. We have heard from several guests already that it was the most heartfelt service they have ever attended.

- Nancy H.

Yesterday was the 1-year anniversary of my mother’s death. I just want to let you know that my Dad (who is a very busy 85-yo who teaches multiple adult ed courses and takes 90-minute walks every day… all of that to say he’s not bored or killing time) watches the recording of my mom’s service and the breakout rooms multiple times per week. It gives him tremendous comfort and really helps him with his grief.

Had my mother died in a pre-pandemic time, or without GatheringUs, his grief would be the same, but he would not have this enormous source of comfort.
I’m so grateful I know you, learned about GatheringUs, and that my family chose to use your excellent services. Thank you."

- Liz C.