GatheringUs Virtual Funeral & Virtual Memorial Event Planner/Facilitator

About GatheringUs

GatheringUs launched in 2018 to bring communities together after the death of a loved one to support each other and celebrate their life. We enable family and friends to share stories, memories and photos, fundraise to help the family with expenses, or donate to a nonprofit charity. We also create and direct virtual and hybrid funerals and receptions, a vital service in today’s “new normal.”

GatheringUs is hiring professionals to help families imagine, plan, and conduct virtual and hybrid events.  

Event Planners/Facilitators lead clients through the planning, preparation, and performance of the client’s online funeral/memorial service for their loved one, and they are the face of GatheringUs on the event.  Event Planners are empathic and detail-oriented people who can drive a discussion towards a finished result, helping others prioritize and meet deadlines with equal parts compassion and focus.  Upon receiving a client summary from a Client Intake Specialist, Event Planners become the client’s main contact and go-between for all of GatheringUs’ services.  He/She/They proactively set and maintain expectations and timelines, and work with the client to ensure a meaningful and well performed event. They function as the facilitator during the event, so they need to be comfortable with public speaking. They often function as an MC during the event, managing the flow of the event for the participants (speakers, slideshow, interludes, etc.)

Event Planners are organized yet goal-oriented, with decisive minds that work constructively with the client towards the final event.  Part “wedding planner”, part “therapist”, part “taskmaster”, he/she/they are adept at discerning clients’ wishes , matching corporate services and support to achieve the vision of the bereaved, and setting expectations when goals are unachievable.  Event Planners virtually attend all client events, so Event Planners handle a set number of clients at any one time.

Skills Required

  • Comfort with technology, including zoom, office, and networking technology
  • Clear, concise written and oral communication skills 
  • Strong customer service skills
  • Able to drive a meeting to create consensus and achieve goals
  • Comfortable with public speaking
  • Detail-orientation and multitasking 
  • “Get-it-done” mentality
  • Remain calm under pressure 
  • Creative problem solver in crises
  • Comfort with conversations about death and dying

Location Requirements

  • Access to reliable WiFi and phone and/or computer 
  • Access to quiet place to interact with clients without interruptions

Schedule is flexible, but requires most weekends, depending on client needs.  Event Planners work from his/her/their own home.  Event Planners report to a Customer Experience Manager, and must participate in 20 hours of training.

This is a contract position that can convert to employee after a 3-month trial period. Payment is $20 - $30 / hour.

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